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Michael Paul Kohn

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KOhn-tent (content)

Michael Paul Kohn is a stand-up comic from Phoenix, Arizona. At first glance, he may appear to smell of corn dogs. But rest assured, he is 100 percent showered, all the time. Michael first graced the stage in 2013 with his confusing combination of husky-yet-trim, smart-but-stupid. He is quite the nice guy, but he will never ever help you move or drive you to the airport.



LEgend has it, PAstor MIke was found by his adoptive parents inside of a freshly-made crater. pulling him from the smoldering rubble and raising him like their own children, unnamed and locked in an open-air paddock for 13 years. ONe day, the lord saw fit to leave the young man's cage unlocked, thus beginning the nameless boy's journey...


Kohn Admires Art

An ever-expanding collection of art I made in my apartment entirely out of fast food. Contained within are such pieces as "Wind chimes made out of Panda Express" and "Masks made from Arby's".

It begs to ask the question, "Are you art buff enough?"


WAtch a set!

Watch a current set. My face is still shaped like that and as of writing this I can still walk. Click below and witness the slow burn of Kohn.


Watch a sketch

These are sketches I have been in/written/worked on. There is currently only one, because they take forever.


Shows to attend/ignore:

LITERALLY THE WORST SHOW EVER - Saturday April 21st - Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix - 8pm

GOING GOING CORONADO - Sunday April 22nd - Love Show PHX - 6pm

W/ MIKE ENDERS - Sunday April 29th - TEMPE IMPROV - 7pm


Talk to me

I put my pants on like everyone else. One leg at a time, sitting down, in the dark, terrified that this is it forever.
— Michael Paul Kohn (MPK)